Little Drug Co.


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Beginning in 1922, Bush-Little Drug Company open it's doors on the north end of Canal St. Two years later, Mr. Little bought the company from Mr. Bush, renamed it Little Drug Co. and moved the business's location to 501 Canal St. For additional room and a change, the Little Drug Co. moved in 1965 to the Victoria Theater building where it currently resides.


Previous owner, Jerry Sapp, began working at Little Drug Co. as a high school student, and after graduating college in 1960, came back to work as a Pharmacist.

Our pharmacy accepts most insurance plans and will even bill Medicare or Medicaid for you.

We deliver! We will delivery any prescription as long as you are local to New Smyrna Beach!


Current owner, David Sikes, started working for Little Drug Co. in 1972 and as of 2013 he now co-owns the establishment with his son, Justin.


Little Drug Co. has the distinction of being the oldest ongoing independent pharmacy in Volusia county. As times have changed, Little Drug Co. has updated to the state of the art technology, but they have maintained the same ambience of the 1950s with their soda fountain and restaurant!

Little Drug Co. today

The history of the Little Drug Co.